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Dr. Cindi Morshead






Dr. Morshead did her PhD at the University of Toronto and joined the faculty in the Department of Surgery in 2003. She is currently a tenured Professor and Chair of the Division of Anatomy, Department of Surgery. Dr. Morshead's expertise is in stem cell biology and specifically, in the field of adult neural stem cells. Her lab is interested in exploring fundamental questions regarding the behaviour and characterization of neural stem cells and applying this knowledge to regenerative medicine strategies. Her team is actively pursuing the role of endogenous stem cells in models of disease such as stroke, cerebral palsy, acquired brain injury and spinal cord injury.

Areas of Focus

regenerative medicine, cell kinetics, lineage analysis, neural stem cells, regeneration, neurobiology, neural stem cells, brain repair, stem-cell biology, tissue culture, transplantation, transgenics, in vivo manipulation, stroke


Metformin and Neural Repair in Mouse Models of Cerebral Palsy

Metformin is an promising drug that may be effective in the treatment of people with CP following brain injury.

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