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Research Articles on Quality of Life

Open Access Articles

Shikako-Thomas, K., Dahan-Oliel, N., Shevell, M., Law, M., Birnbaum, R., Rosenbaum, P., Poulin, C., & Majnemer, A. (2012). Play and be happy? Leisure participation and quality of life in school-aged children with cerebral palsy. International Journal of Pediatrics, 387280. 

Subscription-based Articles

Alsem, M., Ketelaar, M., & Verhoef, M. (2013). The course of health-related quality of life of preschool children with cerebral palsy. Disability and Rehabilitation, 35(8), 686-693.

Majnemer, A., Shikako-Thomas, K., Lach, L., Shevell, M., Law, M., Schmitz, N. & QUALA group. (2013). Mastery motivation in adolescents with cerebral palsy. Research in Developmental Disabilities, 34(10), 3384-92.

Rosenbaum, P. (2011). Family and quality of life: Key elements in intervention in children with cerebral palsy. Developmental Medicine and Child Neurology, 53(S4), 68-70.

Schiariti, V., Fayed, N., Cieza, A., Klassen, A., & O'Donnell, M. (2011). Content comparison of health-related quality of life measures for cerebral palsy based on the international classification of functioning. Disability and Rehabilitation, 33(15-16), 1330-9.

Shikako-Thomas K., Bogossian A., Lach L.M., Shevell M., Majnemer A. (2013). Parents' perspectives on the quality of life of adolescents with cerebral palsy: trajectory, choices and hope. Disability and Rehabilitation, 35(25), 2113-22.

Tan, S.S., van Meeteren, J., Ketelaar, M., Schuengel, C., Reinders-Messelink, H.A., Raat, H., Dallmeijer, A.J., Roebroeck, M.E. & PERRIN+ study group. (2014). Long-term trajectories of health-related quality of life in individuals with cerebral palsy: a multi-center longitudinal study. Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. Advance online publication.

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