Learning about the Benefits of Microboards: Danny’s Story

A Microboard is a group of committed family and friends (at least five) who join together with a person who has a disability to create a supportive not-for-profit corporation. People and families that choose to invite others together to form a Microboard fundamentally believe that building strong and abiding relationships is central to a person’s security and well-being. In this webinar, Danny and his family shared what starting a Microboard has meant to them.

Judith McGill - Provincial Consultant of Microboards Ontario and sibling of a man with cerebral palsy
Danny Steeves - Self-Employed, Talk Show Host and adult with cerebral palsy who has created a Microboard
Diane Peacock - Danny's Independent Facilitator
Dianne Eby - Danny's Mother and Microboard Director
Michelle Eby - Danny's Sister and Microboard Director